People dancing the favorite movements that were collected during the project at the final Ball in Tel Aviv (October 2017). Photo taken by David Kaplan.
Since they started their incest in 2001, letters have always been an important artistic format for deufert&plischke. They have written letters to the body, to space, to dance, to each other, and then started to also ask friends to write letters for them, which resulted in the beautiful letters from Valda Setterfield to John Cage and the letter from Hans-Thies Lehmann and Helene Varopoulou to Bertholt Brecht and in the desire to keep this practice alive.
For Just in Time deufert&plischke again ask people to write letters for them. This time it is not only friends and colleagues, but as many people as possible within the timeframe of the project. And as the project happens, and will continue to happen in several cities, each collection of letters is like a local collection of letters written by the inhabitants of a city: personal memories, experiences, opinions, clichés, anecdotes and favorite movements. Starting in Berlin in 2016 deufert&plischke teamed up with Miriam Jakob, Lee Méir and Kareth Schaffer to visit schools, nursing homes, libraries, cafes, universities and public spaces, to meet people, discuss about dance and ask people to write a personal letter to dance. The favorite movements people wrote about were then translated into movement instructions and then danced at a ballroom organized for the end of the Berlin edition of Just in Time.   
One of the letters that was sent to us.​​​​​​​
This letter emerged from a seminar at Freie Universität Berlin
After each phase of collecting letters and movements in the respective cities, a ball is organized during which the favorite movements of the inhabitants of each city become the choreographic score for a communal choreography. 
The Project continued in Tel Aviv in 2017 with the participation of Sigal Dahan, Omer Krieger, Roni Katz and Kareth Schaffer and continues in New York with Jaime Wright, Kareth Schaffer, Valda Setterfield and Janet Panetta. As the project will also continue to travel to other places after that there will be an ever growing archive of a local and public dance history written by the inhabitants of a city, for their city. A selection of letters will be published in 2018 and in the same time there will be an public online archive of all the letters that have been written.
Just in Time is deufert&plischke's most radical approach to audience involvement yet, because the entire project is built with the audience, who provide the content (letters), choreographic material (favorite movements), and performance (ballroom) of the project. 
One of the favorite movements form a schoolkid in Kreuzberg.
You can follow the development of the project on its dedicated Facebook site
And here you find a (german) blog about the project and its final Ball in Berlin.
Concept / Realisation: deufert&plischke
Project coordination: Kareth Schaffer
With: Alain Franco, Miriam Jakob, Roni Katz, Omer Krieger, Lee Meir, Janet Panetta, Valda Setterfield, Kareth Schaffer, and Jaime Wright.
Stage design: Valentina Primavera
Production Management: Annett Hardegen
Funded by TANZFONDS ERBE – an initiative by the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Coproduced by Goetheinstitut.
Writing letters at Tempelhofer Feld. Organized by Miriam Jakob and Lee Meir
Our mailbox at Atelier 62 / Uferstudios Berlin.
Session organized by Kareth Schaffer at Hector Peterson Schule in Berlin Kreuzberg.
The Ballroom Berlin / November 4th 2016
Collecting Letters in Tel Aviv / May 2017
The Ballroom Tel Aviv. Tmuna Theater / October 2017
photos by David Kaplan
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