As an artistic duo, for more than 15 years deufert&plischke have adhered to the radical notion that choreography can build society, not merely illustrate it. (K. Schaffer)

August 25th // Just in Time: Los Angeles Ballroom // Odyssey Theater
June 16th // Just in Time: Düsseldorf Ballroom //  Tanzhaus NRW
March 15th - 17th // Artist Summit // PACT Zollverein // Tanzplattform 2018
March 14th - 18th // Just in Time Project Space  // PACT Zollverein // Tanzplattform 2018
February 24th //Just in Time New York Ballroom // Spyer Hall New York 
January 24th // InsTanzen Plus // Festspielhaus St. Pölten 
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